Every day we have the pleasure of listening to the music that gets sent in to us. Thousands of tracks from independent creators pass through our ears each day.

It’s only fair that we return the privilege, and give you a slice of the music the team at RouteNote makes.

So sit back, relax and check out what we do when we’re not getting your music out there.


You may have heard some of Barnaby’s behind the scenes work without even realising it. He’s our recording engineer for the RouteNote Sessions as well as listening to lots of your lovely music when it’s sent in.

Barnaby doesn’t keep his talents behind the drums or the desk to himself, as you can see with just a portion of the bands and artists he plays with below.


Brinley is one of the ears listening to your music as it comes in to give his nod of approval. Outside of the office however he transforms into a drumming machine and musician extraordinaire.

Just check out the awesome noise he makes in, and outside, of bands below.

Bubs & Pixie

What do you get when you put these two boys in a room together? The insatiable sounds of WAXX are what.

When the headphones come off at the end of the day in the office, this dynamic duo get together and make more noise than you could shake a guitar at – ’cause they don’t need one.


Charlotte has swam her way through the Falmouth music scene into the big wide sea of the further UK. Playing to adoring audiences from all around she can fill the stage by herself or as many as 10 players in her band!

She’s found a healthy middle ground with a back-line of 3 players for most performances now but I hear talks of a vocal ensemble on the horizon.

Ed, Kelly & Marlon (cool name)

These 3 become a powerful unit when combined into the form of Kaboli (plus bassist Ethan but he doesn’t work here so enough of him). You’ll catch them at any Cornish music festival worth its salt.

When Ed and Marley aren’t working with the music coming in to RouteNote, they’re putting music out as the driving forces behind a lot of the RouteNote Sessions. Kelly leads our wonderful support team and so you may well have spoken before, be nice!

James and Sweeney

If I Were King are one of those fabled acts in Cornwall that you might have heard about, but it’s rare that you will see them. They dust themselves off a couple of times a year before re-entering their hibernation.

For all their radio silence, however, you always seem to find the remnants of their band practices in the music studio downstairs…


Jordan has been doing the rounds cementing his music in Cornwall’s folk music scene. When he’s not here listening to the music that gets sent in to us, he’s arranging yet another gig for the weekend – this boy doesn’t rest.

Katie & Lewis

Our resident hard rockers Katie and Lewis have been shaping their sound for years taking their blends of funk, math rock, metal up and down the country and through Europe.

When in the office they work together in the Support team to keep all of you lovely people happy. Hopefully Hypophora can make you happy in some other ways.


Rich is one of the latest keen ears to join the team and mainstream your sounds into his veins. Long before he became part of the RouteNote family he’s been kicking out the hard jams with O’Deus.


Rob has had a pretty storied musical history and it’s highly likely you’ve heard his work in something before without even realising it. His incredible production work comes in many forms and under many names.

Here’s a track he did with Sweeney (that Sweeney gets a few spots doesn’t he?)


See – here he is again! You can probably tell if you’ve listened to his earlier contributions in the list that variety is the spice of the Sween.

Sweeney is the man behind our SoundCloud and YouTube Networks. Here he is doing what he does best; making me eternally envious of that voice.


Will is a phenomenal guitarist. Oh, you want proof of that? Well here he is playing with his wicked band Hops, there’s even close ups so you can see how fast that man’s fingers are.

As a bonus treat check out Will’s gorgeous solo session afterwards.


If chilled house and hip-hop is your sort of thing then you’re about to fall in love with simmerdown. Zoe’s sampling and producing chops are no more evident than in unfurl.

When she’s not exploring the publishing landscape for independent artists like you, Zoe is hard at work mastering the art of music production.


Man, the people who work at RouteNote sure make a lot of music huh? We hope you enjoyed hearing the variety of noises we like 
to make, keep your ears peeled for more!