Top 10 most-popular blues & jazz Spotify playlists

The most-followed playlists for blue, jazz, adult standards, bebop, post-bop, cool jazz, modern blues, bossa nova, vocal jazz and lounge music

Women In Jazz launch new digital channel

New video series ‘Uncovered’ will celebrate new jazz talent, starting with chart-topper Celeste.

5 dogs who are very good at music

Dogs are often left out of musical conversations. “No fingers” they say, or “got no rhythm”. Well the next time you’re in an argument over the canine capacity for musicality prove those naysayers wrong with…

You make music, so do we: Hear the music of the RouteNote team

Every day we have the pleasure of listening to the music that gets sent in to us. Thousands of tracks from independent creators pass through our ears each day. It’s only fair that we return…

RouteNote Sessions at Tropical Pressure Festival: Kongo Dia Ntotila

Last week the RouteNote Sessions team took to the magical celebration of music around the world that is Tropical Pressure. We got to see many amazing acts, and even capture a few to bring the…

Learn to code music in your web browser by controlling this jazz trio

Have you ever looked at music programming and thought “Nope, that’s far too hard. Goodbye”. Well this new site is here to introduce music coding in a fun and easy way. Jazzari is a free…

Love Supreme Review – The amazing festival’s 5th anniversary proves Jazz will never die

Britain’s greatest celebration of jazz returned for its 5th year last weekend and saw jazz legends from back in the day and rising stars alike put on a killer festival. Up near the Brighton coast…

Normanton Street – RouteNote Interviews

Photography credit: Myles J Burrell Normanton Street are a soul/hip hop group consisting of Ned Archibong, Nicholson Davids, Phoebe Freya, and Nico Standing.  They stand out with 3 varied vocals from Phoebe’s soulful singing, to…

When Jazz Covers Go wrong; The Bad Plus

Want to start your weekend off in style? Well, why not take a listen to this utterly bonkers Jazz interpretation of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass, as performed by virtuoso Jazz trio The Bad Plus?

Music Review; Jackanory And The Ball – The E.P

Jackanory and the Ball’s creatively titled The. E.P is one of the most compelling and complete records from a new artist that I’ve listened to in quite some time.