The Joe Rogan Experience moves exclusively to Spotify

On September 1st this year, the entire Joe Rogan Experience catalogue and all future episodes will move to Spotify, and be removed from all other platforms later this year.

After signed a deal for an undisclosed (and definitely HUGE) amount, one of the largest podcasts in the world The Joe Rogan Experience will be moving exclusively to Spotify later in the year.

All podcasts and videos will only be available on Spotify to all Premium and free users. Joe Rogan will continue posting clips to YouTube as a way of promoting the full show. Hopefully Spotify will implement a comment section on the videos to keep the community alive.

The licensing deal gives Spotify exclusive rights to the podcast, but zero creative control. Joe Rogan assures listeners it will be the same show with the same crew.

After this deal went through, Spotify’s stock jumped 8.4%. Deals similar to this, locking down creators to one platforms, is frequently becoming more common, especially in gaming. In this instance on a free platform such as Spotify Podcasts, it’s fine for consumers, although mildly inconvenient for users of other platforms. This is likely what’s caused the mixed reaction to like/dislike ratio on the video below. Exclusively locking down media becomes an issue on paid platforms. I.e. having to pay for Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu to access all the shows you want.

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