How to rate podcasts on Spotify and view your own rating

Spotify introduce star ratings to podcasts on the mobile app, a great feature for new and existing listeners, as well as podcast creators.

Spotify launch paid podcast subscriptions to 33 more markets around the world

Offering podcasters a new revenue stream and listeners access to exclusive content, Spotify podcast subscriptions launches in more countries.

Spotify ramp up their audiobooks catalog and production acquiring Findaway

Spotify take their biggest step yet into audiobooks, with the acquisition of digital audiobook distribution company Findaway.

Podcasts are leading to Spotify Free growing faster than Premium

A new report indicates Spotify’s ad-supported model is growing faster than their subscription model due to the increase of podcast listeners.

Spotify claim to be “the #1 podcast platform U.S. listeners use the most”

Alongside impressive user and subcriber growth, Spotify’s Q3 2021 results shared an interesting podcast stat.

Interactive podcasts come to Spotify with podcast Q&A and Polls

Creators can now add a podcast question to their episodes, bringing a personal touch to Spotify podcasts.

Spotify is expected to surpass Apple’s podcast lead in the US within two months

Spotify’s gamble with podcasts is showing signs of paying off as hey are expected to surpass Apple Podcasts dominance in the US within two months.

Creators can now create radio DJ shows for Spotify via Anchor

Spotify has expanded its tools for creators by adding a ‘Music’ feature to Anchor, allowing them to create radio DJ formatted shows.

How much mobile data does Spotify use?

Depending on your streaming quality and content Spotify can use a fair bit of mobile data, here’s some settings to check to avoid you going over your allotted amount.

Lauren Jarvis, Spotify Podcast Executive who was responsible for overseeing the arrival of Joe Rogan is leaving Spotify

Lauren Jarvis has been responsible for Spotify’s massive push into the podcast realm and was behind bringing the likes of Joe Rogan to the platform.