Spotify are expanding their Sound Up program to support up-and-coming podcasters with expert advice on making a great show.

Spotify have opened applications in the US to Sound Up 2020, the third year for their program dedicated to building the skills of underrepresented groups. The chosen aspiring podcasters will have access to education, workshops and support in building their capabilities as podcaster.

The Sound Up program will soon be launching applications for the UK, Australia, the US, and Germany. Over the years since Spotify launched Sound Up they have had 10 graduates from all over the world launch their own shows and three now have a Spotify Original podcast.

Spotify are planning on a different approach made up of two phases this year:

Due to the challenges of gathering during this unprecedented time, Sound Up will be divided into two phases. First up is a virtual four-week course that will take place later this year.

To ensure everyone has equal access to technology, we’ll be providing computers, WiFi access, and podcast recording equipment to participants.

Then, those who demonstrate a particular knack for podcasting will be invited to a future in-person training where they will further develop their ideas.

Sound Up will also be launching in Brazil and Sweden for the first time this year, helping even more underrepresented groups across the world build their potential. In Sweden their focus will be on women and non-binary people marginalised by other features as well. Their Brazil applications will be open to young PoC from the Periferias, or the outskirts of big citires.

Each country will choose 20 applicants to take part in the program which lasts four-weeks. The aim is that by the end of Sound Up applicants will have the skills and knowledge to empower them to create their own podcasts with the ability to create a trailer for their show.

Spotify have seen huge success since introducing podcasts to their platform and have nabbed exclusive release of some of the world’s most popular podcasts and personalities, including the recent signing of Joe Rogan.

U.S. residents can now apply for this year’s Sound Up here. Those in Sweden, Germany, and Brazil can apply later this month, and applications for the U.K. and Ireland will be available in August. The program will be offered to women and non-binary people of color in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland, and Sweden; young people of color from the Periferias in Brazil; and members of the LGBQTI community in Germany. We can’t wait to hear what these new podcasters have to share.