Has Joe Rogan lost influence since moving to Spotify exclusively?

A new report from The Verge suggests that podcaster Joe Rogan may have lost impact and revelance since signing exclusively with Spotify.

Spotify are reportedly considering taking action against Joe Rogan’s comments on the COVID vaccine

Spotify may take action against Joe Rogan’s comments on vaccinating younger people from COVID-19 in a recent episode with Dave Smith.

Google searches for ‘Joe Rogan’ dropped 40% since moving exclusively to Spotify

Digital Music News suggests moving The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively to Spotify has lead to a 40% drop in Google searches.

Spotify are reportedly considering the removal of an additional 15-20 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience

After a total of 42 episodes were found missing from Joe Rogan’s podcast, Spotify are now reportedly discussing deleting more episodes.

Spotify have now removed 42 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, with no comment on why

Spotify continues to remove episodes from their platform. Some feature controversial figures, others have been removed with no explanation.

Joe Rogan and Spotify face scrutiny after featuring Alex Jones on JRE podcast

After banning The Alex Jones Show from Spotify Podcasts, Spotify face backlash after Alex Jones featured once again on The Joe Rogan Experience. One of the biggest podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience…

Kanye West doesn’t just want to acquire his masters, “I’m going to buy Universal”

Kanye West wants to take his ‘artists owning the music industry’ approach to the next level, during his interview with Joe Rogan stating he wants to buy Universal Music Group. Kanye West recently tweeted out…

Spotify users LOVE podcasts, double the amount of podcasts being listened to

Spotify’s big push on making podcasts as much a part of their platform as music is working as streaming lovers mix up their listening with podcasts more and more. Spotify have just revealed their Q2…

Spotify nab Kim Kardashian West for their latest exclusive podcast series

Kim joins Spotify’s ever-growing podcast platform alongside the likes of the Obama’s and Joe Rogan. Last week the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Spotify have spent out on another huge personality for exclusive…

Spotify tell its global employees they can work from home until 2021

According to a recently reported memo, Spotify has invited employees to continue working from home until the end of the year. In a phased approach, Spotify are allowing employees to continue working from home until…