Amazon look to compete with Spotify’s growing monopoly on podcasts

In the quest to move beyond music streaming Spotify have nabbed some of the world’s biggest podcasts but they may find a competitor in Amazon.

Last week Spotify announced that Joe Rogan was moving his huge podcast exclusively to Spotify joining the likes of the Obama’s and Bill Simmons on what has become a huge podcasting platform. Spotify have dominated the blossoming podcast scene online with hundreds of thousands of episodes now available alongside music.

Now it appears that Amazon are looking to invest in podcast content with a focus on news and sports. They plan to use podcasts along with their Alexa voice assistant to provide a unique and smooth experience which can be utilised on smartphones and the many Alexa-enabled smart speakers on the market.

They’ve been looking particularly at sports podcast companies, with a potential investment in Blue Wire on the cards according to sources speaking to Axios. Whilst Spotify have had a broad focus looking to appeal to all types of podcast listeners, Amazon’s narrow content plans could help them establish a dedicated audience.

Whilst Amazon have refused to comment on the rumours, commentators are debating over how Amazon would distribute podcasts. They have multiple potential platforms; the music streaming platform route like Spotify, their audiobook service Audible, Amazon Alexa exclusive or perhaps they’d make them available on more than one – even none.

With Spotify signing deals with some of the biggest podcasters in the world in deals reported to be worth more than $100 million other companies will no doubt be eyeing up their successes. Whether we’ll see more competitors get involved in the content type, we’ll have to wait and see.

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