Spotify open Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. creators

Spotify Podcast Subscriptions offer fans a way to support their favourite podcasters in exchange for exclusive content.

Apple Podcasts Subscription officially launching on June 15th

After a delay Apple Podcasts subscription will be going live on June 15th, meaning you can listen to your favourite podcasts ad-free.

Spotify reveal they paid out over $5 billion to rights holders in 2020 and more stats from their Stream On event

Here are all the latest artist, podcaster and listener statistics announced at Spotify Stream On event yesterday.

What Music Library Do You Use for Podcast Creation to Add Background Music?

There are a lot of sync music libraries available such as Epidemic Sound, Audio Network and more. However, all these libraries are extremely expensive and they have specific rules to follow. Creators who are looking…

Deezer’s new Analytics app takes podcaster’s deep insider their performance

Deezer have launched a fresh new app that gives podcast creators deep insights into how each of their episodes performs, who’s listening, and more! Deezer have just launched Analytics, a brand new app that offers…

Pandora for Podcasters launch new analytics features

Pandora for Podcasters have released a set of new insight tools for creators to see who and where people are listening. In another step to mark their spot as the go to place for creators…

Spotify’s Sound Up program helps “underrepresented podcasters” around the world boost their content

Spotify are expanding their Sound Up program to support up-and-coming podcasters with expert advice on making a great show. Spotify have opened applications in the US to Sound Up 2020, the third year for their…

Introducing Spotify’s new Create Podcasts feature

Spotify’s serious about podcasts as they begin testing of a new feature that lets users start creating their own podcasts with one click. Spotify wanted to make 2019 a year of podcasts for their service….

Spotify for Podcasters offers deep insights for creators

Spotify’s new home for podcasters brings together all the information that matters so creators can get in touch with their listeners. With a major push on podcasts in the last year Spotify have been building…

iHeartRadio’s new partnership brings enhanced podcast insights

iHeartRadio is introducing a bunch of new podcasts and extending their analytics tools for podcast insights through a partnership with ART19. Podcast publishers ART19 are teaming up with internet radio service iHeartRadio to bring more…