Spotify’s long-awaited ‘Supremium’ tier has gained some pretty convincing leaks.

If it feels like years since Spotify announced they’d be launching HiFi streaming that’s because it has been! When Spotify revealed their new tier in 2021 they announced a launch for later in the year. Then something happened.

Almost immediately after, Apple Music and Amazon Music both offered Hi-Fi streaming to users at no extra cost. Spotify have suggested that it was for this reason that any new Premium tiers have been so long-delayed.

Since then, we have only been drip-fed suggestions of what to expect from any new tier launched by Spotify. It’s been suggested that Spotify are expanding their potential feature-set for a more expensive tier, so that they can still compete with competitors who offer Hi-Fi streaming at no extra cost.

The latest rumours suggest that’s exactly what’s going to happen with a potential new feature set being leaked.

Spotify Supremium features

The following information comes from a Redditor named Hypixely who scrawled Spotify’s app code as well as recent industry rumours. No features have been officially announced or confirmed for Spotify Supremium, including the name.

To set Spotify’s Hi-Fi tier apart from cheaper competitors, Spotify will reportedly offer 30 hours of audiobook listening per month. It will also come with “24-bit, high-fidelity sound” according to the sources.

An extra feature rumoured to be coming to Spotify Supremium is AI-powered playlists and mixing tools. Reportedly, users will be able to create playlists powered by AI that can collate songs by mood, genre, and so-on.

A potential mixing tool is suggested to “let you be the DJ”, with playlist customisation options helping you to sort songs by BPM, danceability, and with the help of AI again.

These rumours have also suggested that free audiobook listening will be coming to regular Premium users too. The current suggestion is that Premium users will have 20 hours of audiobook listens added to their account.

It’s thought that Spotify are looking to release their new tier before the end of the year, but we’ve heard that before. So for now, we wait for confirmation from Spotify themselves.