Spotify’s Q1 2021 report shows 356m monthly active users and 158m subscribers

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify published their first quarter 2021 earnings yesterday, showing user and subscriber growth, as well as highlighting all the top new features.

Spotify announce their monthly active users have increased 24% year-over-year, to 356 million, while subscribers are up 21% YoY, to 158 million.

Among other highlights, Spotify’s Q1 2021 infographic below show their expansion to 80+ new markets, acquisition of Locker Room, launch of Renegades: Born in the USA podcast, hosting of Stream On, introduction of Loud and Clear, updates to Spotify desktop app and web player, roll out of 36 new languages on mobile, and new site Noteable.

Image Credit: Spotify

Find Spotify’s full financial performance report in a letter to shareholders here. For remarks from founder and CEO Daniel Ek, click here.

See Spotify’s Q4 2020 highlights here.

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