Spotify celebrates 7 years of their K-Pop Daebak playlist

Spotify launched their K-pop playlist back in September 2014. Today K-Pop Daebak has pulled in millions of followers and billions of streams.

How many people stream music on Spotify? – Spotify’s Q2 2021 results reveal the latest stats

Spotify’s earnings highlight the number of monthly active users, paying subscribers and all of the latest features for streamers and artists.

Spotify’s biggest playlist Today’s Top Hits gets a rebrand and reveals the latest stats

Spotify shows off the rebrand and mond boggling numbers of the most popular playlists on the streaming service.

Spotify’s Q1 2021 report shows 356m monthly active users and 158m subscribers

Spotify published their first quarter 2021 financial results yesterday, showing user and subscriber growth.

Pop: A Look at the Digital Music Industry

Great infographic on the school of pop. This infographic was provided by TMV a great music production school.

History of Headphones

Here is a great infographic about the History of Headphones.

World of Online Music

This is a great infographic that outlines the world of online music.

The State of YouTube

Im a huge fan of infographics! The team over Flowtown have put together a great infographic about the state of YouTube.