Spotify has 345 million users and 155 million subscribers

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify’s Q4 results for 2020 shows an incredible year of growth for the music streaming service.

Spotify have unveiled their results for the fourth quarter in 2020. It shows that the streaming service finished the year with 345 million total users. That’s a 27% year on year rise on the 271 million users they closed 2019 with.

Paying subscribers also saw significant growth, rising to 155 million by the end of 2020. That’s 24% higher than the 124 million subscribers Spotify had at the end of 2019.

In their report they mention their launch in South Korea which brings Spotify’s presence to 93 markets around the world in total. They also look at the highlight they have been bringing to more creators with their Songwriters Hub, which highlights the songwriters behind artists’ music.

You can review their full earnings release here.

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