Image Credit: Spotify

How to shuffle on Spotify Premium is changing as users finally get separate play and shuffle buttons on the Spotify app.

Spotify is separating the shuffle and play buttons for Spotify Premium users. Previously the icons were one button – now they’ll be two, giving users a clear choice of whether or not to randomise music on playlists and albums within the Spotify app.

In a statement Spotify said it was a move aimed at “improving the listening experience.” Android and iOS Spotify users will see the new buttons roll out in the next few weeks.

The change is small, sure, but one that will put a stop to the grumbles from Spotify Premium users who have been asking for a separate shuffle button for years. Spotify Free users will miss out – it’s a feature you’ll have to subscribe to access, along with ad-free listening and other perks.

Shuffle on Spotify sparked a debate in the music industry last year when superstar Adele criticised the service for making albums shuffle by default. The company listened, and subsequently amended the feature so albums could automatically be listened to in the running order artists intended.

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