Music lovers in India can rejoice around a massive discount on unlimited streaming with Spotify Premium for a whole year.

Spotify‘s music streaming service made it across the globe to India at the start of March this year. Indian’s loved it and within 5 days over 1 million people had signed up, then after 5 months the number of users listening each month had reached 2 million.

Spotify have halved the price of their annual subscription for Premium listeners in India. To subscribe to Spotify for ad-free music streaming with other benefits like offline listening, it will now cost 699 rupees instead of 1,189 rupees (roughly $16.50).

The offer is available until the 31st December and is available to existing subscribers as well as new users. The offer unfortunately does not affect Spotify’s Family Plan subscriptions, which was launched in India at the start of October.

Spotify revealed in their third Quarter report that India had “outperformed our forecast by 30% this quarter”.