Families in India can now get all of their music streaming needs under one Spotify account at one low monthly cost.

Spotify have just launched their family subscription plan in India. Their family plan allows up to six listeners in the same home to all use Spotify on the same account but with their own listening experience.

It’s vastly cheaper than paying for six separate subscriptions. In fact, family plans cost even less than just two individual Spotify accounts. The family subscription plan in India will cost Rs 179 a month, whilst a single account costs Rs 119 each month.

Spotify’s family plan gives all of the up to 6 users on the account their own profile, so it’s not like you’ll be fighting over what you get to listen. This profile is just for that person, so they’ll get tailored recommendations based on what they listen to and can create their own music library and playlists.

In August Spotify updated their Family Plans to include a Family Hub. From the new hub the account manager can control everything from one place, including Explicit Content Filters and removing or adding profiles to the account.

They also added Family Mix this year. A new playlist exclusive for listeners on the Family Plan, it compiles a music selection based off of all of your tastes for a mix of the whole family.

Find out more about Spotify Family and sign up here.