Image credit: Henry Be

Spotify has a huge presence in the United States, but how does that compare with competitors like Apple Music.

New numbers reveal that Spotify has over half a million paying subscribers in the US. That’s according to data revealed to Digital Music News. The royalty data revealed by a “major publisher” told that Spotify has roughly 50 million subscribers in the United States.

Possibly their most direct competitor, Apple Music, was revealed to have nearly 34 million. However, whilst Spotify might have more numbers than Apple Music they show how Apple Music might actually be winning in terms of value.

Spotify is largely subscribed to in bundles, like their Duo and Premium tiers which allow multiple users under one, discounted payment. When it comes to individual subscriptions, Spotify actually only has 20.2 million. Apple Music just beats them out with 20.8 million individual subscribers.

It is worth noting that the 50 million unit does not necessarily mean the number of people using Spotify Premium in the US. The count includes the number of Duo and Family subscriptions, but not the number of individuals that are using that plan.

At the end of 2023, Spotify revealed an astonishing 602 million monthly active users on their music streaming platform. This is up 23% year-over-year. They counted 236 million paying subscribers the world over. Whilst the US is a major market for Spotify, their global business success reaches far beyond the narrow competitivity of the US.

Spotify have been sharing their excellent national results across the world with their Loud & Clear report. Through it, they have shown that UK artists earned over £750 million in 2023 and that independent artists accounted for half of Spotify’s revenue last year. However, they haven’t shared US exclusive data just yet.

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