Our new chatbot provides immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions, enhancing your RouteNote experience.

At RouteNote, we’re proud of our dedicated support team, working hard everyday to provide helpful answers to over one million users. Our contact form, support email address and social media pages are all great ways of getting in touch with us, but often, your most frequently asked questions have already been answered on the RouteNote Blog and Support Hub. Ask Luna makes the process of finding the answers to your questions a breeze.

Ask Luna is an innovative new product designed to help you get instant answers to your questions. Simply type your questions, and using AI, Luna will quickly answer, pulling useful information from our blog and Support Hub. Whether your question is about how to use the site, how long distribution takes or when royalties are paid, Luna has the answers, just Ask Luna.

How to use Ask Luna

You can find Luna in the bottom right corner of the routenote.com homepage and all RouteNote pages. No need to sign in. Simply tap the sparkle icon, type your question as though you were speaking to a real human being, and Luna will immediately get to work, answering your question and providing helpful links to relevant articles.

Please note, Ask Luna is not replacing our existing support channels, but rather hopes to provide our users with quick responses to questions. Our support team are always on hand to answer your detailed, account-specific questions.

Ask Luna is currently in beta. During this period of testing, please use the thumbs up and thumbs down to rate your answers, so that we can provide all of our users with the best and fastest experience possible. If Luna doesn’t respond correctly to your question, try rephrasing. For any other issues, please get in touch with our support team.

Ask Luna is yet another way we’re helping simplify the music industry, so all independent artists have the same opportunities as the biggest stars! Sign up to RouteNote and get distributing your music around the world for free.