Spotify just updated their annual Loud & Clear report, detailing, among other highlights, the massive growth of independent artists!

Launched in 2021, Spotify’s music streaming economics report Loud & Clear has just been updated with 2023 figures. Below we highlight some of the biggest changes of last year. Find the full site with more data and FAQs at

Once again, in 2023 Spotify accounted for the highest annual payment to the music industry from any single retailer.

More artists than ever are generating more money than ever. Spotify stresses they are only one source of income for artists, stating artists likely generated 4x this revenue from recorded music sources overall, plus earning additional income from sources like concert tickets and merch.

This is our favourite! For the first year ever, the catalogue of DIY artists and artists signed to independent record labels accounted for about half of what the entire industry generated on Spotify in 2023. This is the highest amount indies have ever generated from a single retailer in one year and has grown 4x since 2017.

There are plenty of successful artists on Spotify that aren’t chart topping.

Finally, this one demonstrates the growth in revenue of many artists on Spotify.

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