Deezer want to go beyond the concert to make a “unique in-person event” with their Purple Door performances.

How do you improve upon a concert? Deezer think they have the answer. Following their rebrand last month, Deezer are launching a brand new fan experience to let you “live the music”.

Deezer’s Purple Door intends to offer more than just the live performance of artists. They want to create a space in which fans can explore “carefully selected details that reflect the artist’s artistic vision, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for fans”.

Deezer are looking to make the surroundings of the venue a part of the experience. They promise “intimate live performances” to accompany their plans to foster unique connections and even offer up tickets to upcoming concerts.

They will be blending two Deezer features with Purple door concerts: Music Quiz and Shaker. Music Quiz tests your musical knowledge, seeing if you recognise the songs which play. Shaker is a new feature that launched last month to get listeners collaborating on a mix, even if their friends aren’t on Deezer.

Purple Door concerts will feature special editions of these two features. Deezer want fans to discover their compatibility with artists by testing themselves on their love of their music. Fans who excel at their test of loyalty will apparently have the opportunity to win tickets to future concerts.

The first Purple Door event will take place in Paris with French rappers Gazo and Tiakola. Only 300 superfans will be invited to the exclusive event. Competitions to secure the tickets will be launched across CRM, on Deezer’s social media, and media partnerships.

On the very first Purple Door concert, Deezer wrote: “Together they will bring their distinctive laid-back vibe to the stage, promising a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close-and-personal live set that will etch the night into the memories of the fortunate fans in attendance.”

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