Spotify have launched their new fundraising feature in 3 new territories allowing artists to raise money from their fans straight from their artist pages.

Earlier this year Spotify launched a range of initiatives to help artists navigate the new and difficult post-pandemic world. With many industries and peoples, including artists, hit hard by global shutdowns one of their most lauded additions was the Artist Fundraising Pick allowing artists to make donations from their listeners easy.

Spotify allowed artists to customise their selection based on the issues that mattered most to them and their own personal situation. They partnered with a huge range of charities and organisations which artists could choose to advertise donations for on their page from Spotify’s COVID-19 Music Relief partners

If the artists themselves have been hit hard by the loss of gigs and other COVID effects, they can set up their Fundraising Pick so fans can directly donate to the artists they love. They partnered with Cash App, GoFundMe, and to help artists select the best option for them to raise money.

Fundraising Pick is now available in Latin America, Turkey and New Zealand so that artists in these territories can select a donation destination to highlight on their artist page. They have partnered with Mercado Pago and PayU in Latin America, iyzico in Turkey and Givealittle in New Zealand to offer more options for artists.

Spotify said in their announcement:

Since launching Artist Fundraising Pick in late April, we’ve seen an amazing response from both artists and fans. Artists have added over 91,000 Picks, which have garnered nearly 7 million clicks and counting from fans. In addition to featuring Picks on artist profiles, we’ve sent millions of emails with personalised recommendations of artists that fans may be interested in supporting (based on their listening history).

We’re thrilled to be able to provide more options for musicians in Latin America, Turkey, and New Zealand for their Artist Fundraising Pick, and we’re working nonstop to improve this feature and expand its reach around the globe with help from your feedback. Spotify’s goal is to continue strengthening the connection between artists and their fans, and do everything we can to keep the global music community strong and resilient.

To submit your own Pick, log into your Spotify for Artists account, visit the Profile tab, and select “Get support directly from fans” under Artist Fundraising Pick. If you’ve already added a Fundraising Pick, you can click the pencil icon to edit or remove it. (This functionality isn’t yet available on our mobile apps.)