Spotify have joined up with Sonos for a first of its kind partnership that gives unparalleled control over Sonos speakers from Spotify.

Yesterday Spotify revealed a new partnership with home WiFi speaker system Sonos. The partnership gives Spotify Premium users more control than ever over their speaker system using Spotify’s mobile app. Spotify are the first music streaming service to give it’s users full control over Sonos’ home speakers without Sonos’ own app.

One of the best things about this update is that you can connect to Sonos speakers on the same WiFi without needing the Sonos app, so friends can play music through your home system straight from their Spotify app. With playback controls and full access to the Sonos’ connected grouping of other speakers you can control all the music around the house easier than ever with Spotify.

Spotify’s chief product officer, Gustav Söderström said: “We’re excited to partner with Sonos and enhance the at home listening experience. Spotify listeners can now seamlessly transition their listening throughout the day from their headphones, to the car, to their computers, to their Sonos system at home with complete control of all of their favorite Spotify features directly from the Spotify app.”

Sonos have never been limited in their streaming partners, as a home speaker system made for streaming music they want to work with as many services as possible. Whether this partnership with Spotify will change that and lead to any more exclusive features, we will have to wait and see.

Full control over Sonos from Spotify will be added as a free software update in October.