Shazam has launched its new Radio Spins charts which, in direct collaboration with Apple Music, aims to murge online music discovery with radio broadcasts.

At its core, the Radio Spins charts leverage Shazam’s renowned music-identification technology capturing song data from over 40,000 radio stations worldwide. As a result, users get real-time insights into the songs playing across various radio channels encompassing a multitude of genres.

Shazam & Apple Music Radio Spins charts

Available on both Shazam’s website and in the Apple Music app, the “Radio Spins” charts offer a comprehensive overview of the current radio trends including pop hits and underground gems.

Shazam’s new radio feature categorizes music into genres which makes it easy for you to discover new music in your favourite styles as you tailor your discovery experience to your taste. Whether you’re into hip-hop, electronic, or even Latin music… there’s a chart for you.

As a result, there’s all the more value for Apple Music users with Shazam’s new radio charts. Access the daily global Top 200 Radio Chart and see only the most popular songs from radio stations around the world and a snapshot of global music trends.

Beyond its consumer-facing features, Shazam’s Radio Spins charts also hold significant implications for the music industry. With the introduction of the Apple Music Partner Program, record labels and music distributors gain access to valuable insights and trends, empowering them to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving market.

Ultimately, Shazam’s launch of its Radio Spins charts does mark a significant milestone in music by bridging the gap between traditional radio broadcasts and digital music discovery. By harnessing Shazam’s pre-existing technology, you can discover what’s hot right now on radios around the globe and uncover hidden gems and chart-topping hits.