Can you switch music distributors now Spinnup is going invite-only? Yes. Transfer your music from Spinnup to RouteNote easily and for free. Here’s how.

Is Spinnup distribution kicking you out? Don’t lose your streams, artist page and all the hard work you’ve put into building your music brand! You need to move to an alternative distributor.

Switch from Spinnup to RouteNote distribution. Spinnup, owned by Universal Music Group, is moving to a curated invite-only model and has told its existing smaller artists their music will be taken down from platforms like Spotify.

This kind of favouritism is completely against our ethos here at RouteNote, where we offer free distribution for all indie artists who want to get their music heard, across every major platform from Apple Music to Amazon.


Why should you choose RouteNote vs another distributor? RouteNote distribution removes all the barriers for entry to artists who want to get their music heard.

Covering 95% of the digital market and protecting your music on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, RouteNote lets you stay completely in control of your music – and it’s easy to switch over from Spinnup.  

How to transfer your music from Spinnup to RouteNote

There’s a couple of steps you have to take before you can switch to RouteNote from another distributor, but it’s a really simple process and you won’t lose any of your existing music:

Spinnup artists have until July 19th 2022 to transfer your music from Spinnup. You can’t upload duplicates to another distributor, so you’ll have to remove your music from Spinnup and have it taken down from streaming services and stores before you upload to RouteNote.

Spinnup has provided its own advice for switching music distributor here. Download your release files from Spinnup on My Releases tab. You can’t download your assets once your releases have been taken down by Spinnup.

Your music will stay on the same artist pages as when you distributed through Spinnup.

It’s vital to make note of your track metadata like ISRC and UPCs, so when you re-upload your music your tracks match, and you don’t lose your streams. Once you’ve released your tracks, check the plays to make sure they matched up correctly.

Is RouteNote free?

Any independent artist or label, big or small, can sign up to RouteNote Free or Premium distribution. Our Free music distribution is free forever – you keep 85% of revenues, and you never sign away the rights to your music.

Our Premium distribution makes RouteNote one of the cheapest music distributors. With Premium you keep 100% of your revenue for a small fee. You can switch between the two tiers or move distributors whenever you want. You’re never locked in.

There’s no surprise fees with RouteNote – you can upload unlimited tracks and artists and distribute to as many stores as you like, as well as protecting your music on YouTube with Content ID and monetising on social media like TikTok, without paying a penny more.

Whether on Free or Premium, our features are free – for example, you can select exactly when your release will go live for no extra charge, unlike DistroKid.

Your music is worth saving. Head here to find out more about what RouteNote can offer.