Is YouTube content ID music distribution free with RouteNote?

Unlike other distributors, RouteNote offers YouTube content ID at no extra cost.

Are you wanting to generate income from your music on platforms such as YouTube? You can do so with RouteNote and more importantly, it’s totally free! YouTube Content ID comes at a cost from most other distributors, often at an extra charge to what they already make artists pay. Others simply don’t offer artists Content ID distribution.

UnitedMasters requires a yearly subscription, Amuse Start doesn’t distribute YouTube content ID at all, Tunecore charges an upfront fee AND takes 20% of all CID revenues, and DistroKid charges an extra $10 for YouTube CID.

How does RouteNote distribute Content ID and what are the costs?

YouTube content ID is an automated system that makes sure artists, rights holders, and labels get credit for their music being used on the platform. It also ensures that payment is made each time music is used in user-generated videos. This is something RouteNote offers for no extra cost when you distribute your music through us, it’s as easy as ticking a box.

When you upload your track to our system, simply tick the YouTube Content ID box (along with anywhere else you want it distributed) and you’re done. All you need to do is sit back and watch the royalties roll in.

Distributing with RouteNote is free, with no extra costs or hidden fees and you keep 85% of your royalties. There is also a paid option available which sees you keep 100% of your royalties. It really is that simple at RouteNote.

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