It’s very easy to switch to RouteNote from another music distributor.

In order to switch to RouteNote from another distributor, first re-upload your releases through RouteNote. Ensure that you use the same audio data, UPCs, and ISRCs.

Once your music has gone live through RouteNote, check that the track-linking has worked on stores. Once it’s confirmed to have worked, you can notify your previous distributor to remove your releases.

This ensures that you hold on to your streaming data and that your fans don’t lose your music from their library or playlists.

When uploading make sure you use the same ISRC and UPCs as you did with your old distributor as this will help to keep your statistics and playlists within streaming services. Ensure that you re-upload your music through RouteNote before removing it for correct track-linking.

Head here to move your music to RouteNote easily and for free.