“Spinnup is changing from an open DIY music distribution service” and “reducing the number of artists on the platform”.

Universal Music Group owned digital music distribution service Spinnup, were open to all artists looking to share their music to stores and streaming services. In a move kicking many artists off the platform, Spinnup are shifting their business model in a major way.

“On July 19th 2022, Spinnup is changing from an open DIY music distribution service to a curated artist discovery and distribution platform. This means we will be reducing the number of artists on the platform as we move into this new chapter.

Artists who are leaving Spinnup are being asked to takedown their releases and transfer to a new distributor by July 19th 2022, after that date we will need to begin taking down any remaining live releases from departing artists.”

“Spinnup is evolving into a fully curated invite-only artist discovery and music distribution platform. This change means we can’t accommodate all current Spinnup users.”

Spinnup on an FAQ page

Much like Stem, and AWAL – who partnered with Sony Music last year, an invite-only system, along with pricey upfront fees, make it near impossible for artists starting out to release their music online. According to Music Business Worldwide, AWAL are thought to reject roughly nine in every ten tracks submitted. It’s no surprise then, Spinnup’s move has received a significant amoung of backlash on social media.

A free and open Spinnup alternative

There is a solution for artists being forced off Spinnup. RouteNote provides free music distribution, for artists of all sizes and genres, without the barriers to entry. Artists always keep 100% of the rights! Watch the video below or click here to learn how to switch distributors, while keeping your hard earned statistics and artist pages.