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If you’re wondering how to get Spotify cheaper – and you also happen to be a musician – check out this new Soundtrap bundle.

Soundtrap is a DAW owned by Spotify, with free and paid subscription options and easy-to-use music making tools. The recording platform is based in the cloud and makes collaborating with other producers easy. Now, Spotify is bringing together two of its platforms, giving users the option to buy a bundled subscription to Spotify Premium and Soundtrap within one price.

The offer costs $19.99 a month and is available for users based in the U.S. The idea behind the bundle is to encourage producers and musicians to create music on Soundtrap and also get inspired by other artists on Spotify. This fits in nicely with the collaboration ethos of Soundtrap, built with effortless cloud-based musical communication in mind.

Artists making music on Soundtrap can put their music on Spotify for free using RouteNote. With our music distribution you can get your tracks onto all the major streaming services, as well as monetizing your music on social media like TikTok and protecting your releases on YouTube with Content ID.

The bundled Soundtrap subscription comes with Soundtrap for Storytellers and Soundtrap for Music Makers Supreme. Within the subscriptions artists get 19,000 loops, 870 instruments and sounds, and Antares Auto-Tune, among other features.

How much does Soundtrap cost with Spotify bundled in?

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Individually, a Spotify Premium subscriber costs $9.99 a month, whilst a subscription to Soundtrap for Music Makers Supreme and Soundtrap for Storytellers are $9.99 each. The bundle cost is $19.99.

You can sign up to a free month’s trial of any of Soundtrap’s premium plans. Soundtrap also offers a free subscription, a great option for a beginner producer looking for a free DAW. The cloud-based storage means there’s nothing to download, making it even more accessible for the curious music maker.

Find out more about the Spotify and Soundtrap bundle here.

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