Spotify and Apple’s rivalry is no secret, especially since Apple Music launched, but finally you’ll be able to tell Siri to use Spotify on Apple devices.

Spotify and Apple are two of the most prominent streaming services in the world and as such have a lot of competition with each other, over other services in the business. A truce is in sights however as Spotify are hoping to gain Siri functionality.

Whilst you can ask Siri to play you music, she won’t work with non-Apple music services even if they’re installed on your device. This is the same as with their smart Homepod speakers. As Spotify put it – If you ask Siri: “Siri, can you play that awesome Spotify playlist?” Siri says no.

The potential reconciliation over Siri comes amid ongoing tussles between the two companies. Spotify filed an anti-trust complaint in March with the European Commission, claiming that Apple have become a monopolist. Meanwhile Apple are accusing Spotify of not paying their 30% ‘Apple Tax’ on Spotify subscriptions made through the Apple App Store.

It may seem that if Spotify gains Siri functionality, perhaps there is some form of settlement between the two. However, the move comes with the anticipated launch of Apple’s iOS 13 software and will see Siri support with other music-streaming services too, if they integrate themselves.

Apple have often been reluctant to allow support with other competitors on their devices, a driving force of Spotify’s criticism to the European Commision. Hopefully Siri and Homepod support will see Apple ease up their sanctions on rivals, or they may be forced to by the European Commission.

If you want a very biased take on the rivalry, Spotify have a timeline of the many times they’ve butted heads with Apple over the years: