Spotify are making it even easier to manage your music streaming plan for the whole family with upgrades to Premium Family.

Spotify have just announced an update for the Premium Family Plan, which lets up to 5 people at one address pay for the low price of 1-and-a-half single subscriptions. Everyone gets their own account so their tastes and music library are still personal and unique.

With the update Spotify have introduced a new Family Hub so that whoever’s managing the account can control it, all from one place. From the hub the leading user can view all the family members on the account and easily add or remove them. You can also change your home address and adjust parental controls like setting the ‘Explicit Content Filter’ for any profiles.

With Family Mix, every member on the plan will get a personalised playlist with a culmination of everyone’s tastes. It updates regularly, taking each person’s taste profile and finding music to compile based on music that Spotify’s algorithms reckon the whole family will love.

The updated plan includes on-demand access to Spotify’s giant 50 million track library as well as their constantly expanding selection of 450,000 podcasts.

Find out more about Spotify Family and sign up here.