An update to the Shazam app means that you can keep Shazamming in the background as you do other important things on the latest iPhones.

Shazam has updated to version 17.11. The update brings with it support Live Activities. For the latest iPhone models (15, 15 Pro, and 14 Pro) this means that you can keep Shazam running in the background via the Dynamic Island to detect music whilst you do other things.

The Dynamic Island is a zone on the latest iPhones that shows at the top of the display. It’s a “shape-shifting hub” for iPhone alerts and certain app activity. Now Shazam can be used in this dynamic hub for easier music detection.

Shazam will appear in the Dynamic Island as an indicator of when it is listening for music. Once the song has been detected, the Dynamic Island will display a notification to reveal what the song is. Shazam is owned by Apple, who bought the song-recognition app in 2018.

This update is now live and available on the app store and works with the latest iPhones.

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