European music is seeing powerful growth and Europeans are listening to themselves more as a lot of the growth comes from close to home.

Music in Europe is growing, as Spotify reveal that listens to artists in the European Union have grown by 3x in six years. That’s according to Spotify’s Loud and Clear report, a report focusing on their successes in specific countries and regions.

The growth of consumption in European artists is being helped by locals. According to the report, Europeans are listening to more music from Europe. Spotify reveal that 44% of the royalties generated in the EU are going to artists within the European Union. According to Spotify, that’s the highest percentage since they started tracking this data in 2017.

European artists made an astonishing €1.5 billion on Spotify in 23, growth of 16% year-on-year. That’s a figure that is 3x higher than it was 6 years ago in 2017. Over 25,000 European artists earned more than €5,000 on Spotify last year, and over 15,000 European artists generated more than €10,000.

Spotify will no doubt be using this report to back up their importance in the region for artists. With recent tensions in France over a new streaming tax, Spotify raised their prices to pass the cost on to users. With a similar cost recently introduced in Canada, Spotify may well be using their regional Loud & Clear reports to position them strongly in arguments against discouraging their services.

Spotify’s Loud & Clear reports have revealed the prominence of the service in regions like the UK and Australia. As well, within the global report for 2023 we found the increasing prevalence of independent artists, with over half of Spotify revenue generated by indie artists and labels last year.

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