Teenage Engineering’s unique brand of music and sound tech gets new life in a series of home and party products from IKEA.

Almost 2 years ago IKEA announced that they were working with Teenage Engineering for a range of music products like nothing else. After an eager wait of speculation the range is available to buy.

The ‘FREKVENS’ collection are all made with parties in mind, with a design that stands out but doesn’t break the bank. Each product in the range is attachable to the others for a customisable cube of creative party essentials including lights and speakers.

The portable speakers are the flagship of the Frekvens range which can be combined to become a full sound system. FREKVENS LEDs and spotlights can be blocked into the party structures with a double block size sub that can be attached to bottom for a thick, party-ready sound.

Founder and Head of Design at Teenage Engineering, Jesper Kouthoofd said: “It is very simple, fun, playful. You will become like a home roadie. Setting up your own sound system and light show. It’s good enough that you can set up a party, that day. People will appreciate that.”

Teenage Engineering are famous for their music creation devices like the OP-1, an amazingly powerful yet compact music-making kit. They’ve since launched their blocks which, similar to FREKVENS, attach to each other for expansive possibilities of creation.

Kouthoofd added: “We’ve wanted to make something that feels like IKEA, and at the same time challenge how we perceive them today. It’s exciting to explore new territories, push the boundaries and challenge each other. IKEA is furniture, meatballs, and soon… party!”

The FREKVENS speaker with subwoofer is $149, the portable speaker is $19.99, and their spotlight accessories and $17 for a set of 4. The range also includes furniture and what they say are other things needed to throw a good party, like a raincoat…?

The range hits IKEA stores in the US in February.