Create whole new sound designs from your existing sample library

Soundweaver is a new software that designs new sounds to create from using the samples you already own and have.

A world of additional possibility is lying in wait within your existing folders music and sound samples. Soundweaver is a new piece of audio software from Boom Library that designs entirely new sounds from existing ones to infinitise your sound collection.

The standalone app searches your sound library using keywords and folders to find sounds it can match and meld into new designs. You can pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and randomise sounds, groups and entire projects to create endless sonic possibilities.

Once you have something new that you like the sound of it’s as simple as dragging it in to your DAW to edit, chop and play with. SoundWeaver can generate countless variations from your project during export via pitch, offset and take randomisation.

It sounds like a great source of inspiration and also a big money saver on new sample packs and VSTs. Just transform your existing ones and take them even further than ever possible before.

  • SoundWeaver automatically picks, slices, aligns and layers sounds
  • Search by keywords, folders or drag’n’drop
  • Pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and switch out individual sounds, groups or the whole project
  • Each of the previous parameters can be randomized.
  • Export: Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW
  • Export as: Individual layers, groups or mixdown
  • Export features: Generate variations using pitch, offset or random takes
  • Take snapshots and return to your favorite combinations, parameter settings and sounds at will
  • Produce more assets and increase productivity on tight schedules
  • Set up your sound design session with ready-to-use sound combinations
  • Generate variations with ease instead of manually tweaking everything
  • Find new combinations, discover and create new flavors and variety within your library

SoundWeaver is available from Boom Library’s website and is currently on sale for $159.20.

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One comment

    SoundWeaver is a super important sound-design tool.
    You don’t have to always specify file keywords or tags if you have a mixture of sound types; just choose the folder and randomize from there. Careful with file length, as the prog will seize up with overloads of file size and/or number of samples loaded.
    Although snapshots will store parameter (pitch, placement, volume, panning, etc) randomizations, they are lost with subsequent sample re-randomization. However, “undo” will return to previous states of sample randomization (which is great if you’re output is being recorded elsewise).

    With a few added and modified features, it will be stellar:
    Randomization of panning.
    Increase gain maximums for samples, groups, and main out.
    Graded detente/snapping on time line and/or grid
    Snap all command to loop start or timeline’s zero.
    Export chosen loop length instead of all the fluff if long files are loaded.

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