As the way we listen to music evolves so does the way we share it with others, especially now it’s harder than ever to create an actual cassette tape mix.

Whilst we love music the same as before the introduction of online music streaming has changed the game, putting 10’s of millions of tracks at our fingertips. With this unlimited access music tastes have become more exotic and exciting than ever before, but how do you share these discoveries with people now that literal mix-tapes require a time machine to the 80s and CDs are about as cool as a forest fire.

In the digital age your mixtapes don’t have to be physical anymore, with Mixmsg you can send a personalised mix of songs that represent your feelings best and instantly send it to a friend. Mixmsg integrates straight into Apple iMessage and uses Spotify to access the music so you have one of the world’s biggest music collections to choose from.

Music says a lot about the way you feel and that’s why back in the nostalgia days a mixtape could sum up what you wanted to say to someone perfectly. Want to reveal to your secret crush that you like them? Make a sappy mixtape. Need to cheer up a friend? Make a happy mixtape. Most situations have an appropriate soundtrack and you can bring back the joy of personally curating a listening experience for someone using Mixmsg.

Unfortunately as an iMessage app Mixmsg is only available on iOS devices. Although this isn’t an Apple product, just Apple exclusive, there were rumours last year that Apple were going to introduce their own mixtape sharing abilities in Apple Music and iTunes. However since the rumours came out there have been no developments.

Download Mixmsg for free on iPhone from the App Store and start sharing your mixtapes with the special people in your life.