Legendary modern funkers Vulfpeck are making it easier for others to find their own unique sounds like they have, with a compressor that totally transforms your mixes.

Vulfpeck aren’t just any band, they’ve perfected their own unique sound that is setting them up as pioneers of contemporary funk music. But there’s only so much you can change how you sound with a different instrument, sometimes it’s behind the scenes where the real magic happens.

Vulpeck have released Vulf Compressor, a detailed compressor that makes it easy to completely transform your sounds for something that truly stands out. If you’re keyboard riffs are falling flat in the mix try using the Vulf Compressor to raise your sustains and level out your stabs. Though it works excellently with all instruments the Vulf Compressor is at it’s best when modifying a drum track, creating sounds that punch through the mix and giving it the power it deserves. Just listen…

Vulfpeck’s bandleader and drummer, Jack Stratton said: “Compression really is the salt of music mixing. It’s the ultimate tool of a mix engineer and the Vulf Compressor is a really boutique, top-shelf Himalayan pink sea salt. This can really change the direction of a song. It’s kind of a one-trick pony in the best sense, in that it gives our songs a really distinct sound and some people will just put it on the entire track. It’s been a really cool addition to people finding out about Vulfpeck through this plugin. I really believe in it. We would not be selling it or commanding that price if it wasn’t a total game changer.”

Whilst it may be a couple of years old now the sounds created by the Vulf Compressor are still ahead of it’s time, and when I heard it in action I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all.

Unfortunately it’s a Mac only plugin but works with most DAWs and is available here.