Inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, dies aged 94

Dutch engineer Lou Ottens, credited for inventing the audio cassette tape and involved in the development of the CD, died last weekend.

The Unlikely Return Of Cassettes

Although there is an increase in physical music sales, especially with vinyl no one expected to see cassettes to make a comeback, yet they have.

This awesome bundle of Cassette Drums plugins is 100% free

Bedroom Producers Blog are offering a bundle of free VST/AU drum pluginsĀ based on their great Cassette drum samples. Cassette Drums is a bundle of plugins filled with brilliant drum soundsĀ all based on unprocessed recording samples…

Send personal Spotify mixtapes to friends on iMessage with Mixmsg

As the way we listen to music evolves so does the way we share it with others, especially now it’s harder than ever to create an actual cassette tape mix. Whilst we love music the…

Streaming Revenue Overtakes Physical Music Sales

Not too long ago, last year in fact, digital music sales (streaming and downloads) surpassed those of it’s physical counterparts in CDs and Vinyl. This was the biggest shift since CDs ripped the throne from…