After over a year of anticipation FL Studio’s hot new mobile music production software is out and looks amazing.

Last July we reported on FL Studio Mobile 3’s reveal, an update to the mobile version of the massively popular music production software. Now over a year later the massive overhaul to the music app has arrived and looks just as good as we expected with loads more instruments, synths, effects, and features.

FLM 3 comes with a gorgeous new look that brings it more in line with the the desktop version of FL Studio. The depth of the new app might be overwhelming, especially with a new interface to get used to, but FL Studio Mobile 3 has been designed so that each element is neatly integrated with pullout menus and instruments that fit into your screen without getting in the way of crucial features. The session view is also displayed clearly making it easy to jump in and make adjustments or record new sections.

FL Studio Mobile 3 is a big leap for the app and isn’t just an update but a totally redesigned application with improvements across the board. The new app is so radically different in fact that Image Line are suggesting users who want to stick to the current design don’t update for the moment. This can be done by turning off automatic updates for FL Studio Mobile 2.

If we could fit everything that’s new into a simple list for you we would but as FLM 3 has been built from the ground up there’s too much to cover. Take a look at their getting started video to get to grips with the new look and features, or if you’re brave jump straight in and start experimenting with all your new tools and potential sounds.

Some users are finding issues with data loss of projects when they upgrade but you can rest assured they haven’t been deleted they just aren’t showing up. Image-Line are aware of issues and are working hard to resolve them. You can find out more about resolving any issues with upgrading here.