SEGA Group are putting money into music discovery as they expand beyond their rich history in gaming.

Flutin have announced an investment partnership with SEGA to expand it’s music discovery service globally. The India-based startup uses Artificial intelligence to break new and emerging artists by finding their most suited audiences and helping to promote them to those people.

Flutin can create music based on moods and emotions using AI to prioritise newer artists in their curated recommendations. It tracks user’s listening behaviours to gauge their tastes and provides exposure to new artists as well as helping listeners find new music.

Flutin have 9 million downloads and stream 3 million songs daily currently. With investment from SEGA they look to strengthen their user base in their key markets like the US and may look to expand.

Flutin founder and CEO, Vishu Gupta

Flutin founder and CEO, Vishu Gupta said: “Investing in Flutin is part of SEGA’s effort to advance into the music industry. They believe in us because of the approach we are taking in supporting emerging musicians and providing them substantial tools to grow their fanbase.

“63% of total music revenue in Japan comes from independent music, and SEGA understands that this will be reflected globally in a few years. They believe that platforms like Flutin that support emerging artists and help surface new talent in the industry are going to play a vital role in the next wave of change in the music industry.”

SEGA are famous for creating some of video games most beloved characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and have been creating since the days of the arcade. They have begun investing their interests outside of gaming and their partnership with Flutin marks their first moves into the music industry.

SEGA’s investment director, Toshihisa Kiyomiya said:” SEGA has often taken a broad view of entertainment, within and outside the gaming space, and looked for meaningful partners and investment opportunities. In markets like India and in areas like streaming music and music-based movile apps, we see a great potential for growth and innovation, which is why we’re excited to support Flutin as it continues to create value for musicians and music lovers worldwide.”