Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg just left to launch a new Universal Music label

Paul Rosenberg has stepped down at Def Jam to launch Goliath Records with Universal Music Group.

Paul Rosenberg has had a storied music career involving a long stint as manager for Eminem and most recently, CEO of Def Jam records. He is now departing to start a new joint venture that builds on the management firm he is principal of; Goliath Artists, Inc..

He will remain President of Shady Records, a Universal joint venture with Eminem, to start a new UMG joint venture in Goliath Records. Rosenberg will also continue to work with Def Jam for consultancy on their legacy artists.

Naim McNair who serves as Senior Vice President of A&R at Universal Music Group will now also take on the role of Senior Vice President for A&R at Def Jam Recordings as well. McNair has worked with top artists and producers for 20 years.

Rosenberg said of leaving Def Jam: “Lucian offered me a dream opportunity to serve at the helm of Def Jam. The experience I had running one of the greatest, most storied record companies of the modern era was incredible.
I will remain forever grateful.

“I’ve learned a great deal, but one of the most important things I learned is that my ability to multi-task is not without limits. My new relationship with UMG gives me the ability to continue to sign and develop talent in a more focused and streamlined way, while still dedicating the time necessary to fulfil my management duties and foster the many entrepreneurial endeavours connected with Eminem.”

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