Samsung are taking on Amazon, Google, Apple and seemingly everyone in tech with the announcement of their own smart home speaker.

It seems like everyone wants in on the home speaker revolution since Amazon launched their Echo speakers back in 2015 and took the world by storm. Samsung are the latest tech giant to announce their own AI powered speaker.

Samsung announced their speaker back in August, revealing that it will be powered by their very own voice assistant Bixby. As you can imagine Samsung’s speaker is being designed with their own smartphones and tablets in mind for a smooth, connected experience.

Samsung have slated the speaker’s release for 2018 with a price tag of around $200 although that might change by the release. Samsung join Apple who announced their Homepod speakers earlier this year set for release next year as well. Whilst $200 is more expensive than Amazon’s range it pales in comparison to Apples (obviously) steeply priced $349.

It will be interesting to see how universal the support on Samsung’s speaker will be. The speaker market has boomed in large part thanks to being open for use no matter what device or computer you’re using. Hopefully Samsung’s smoother experience for Samsung devices won’t impact their wider usage on other devices. This is reportedly a concern with Apple’s device – again, pretty obviously.