Apple release HomePod 15.1 with support for lossless and spatial audio on HomePod and HomePod mini

Lossless and spatial audio with Dolby Atmos support finally comes to the HomePod and HomePod mini after launching on Apple Music in June.

Apple introduce the HomePod mini in three new colors – yellow, orange and blue

New yellow, orange and blue options will join white and space gray HomePod minis, for those looking for something a little more vibrant.

Apple are working on adding touch-sensitive fabric and display controls to HomePods

A recently granted patent shows Apple may implement touch controls and a display to a portion of the HomePods’ protective exterior.

Spatial audio updates are coming to Netflix, HomePods and the Apple TV

Netflix are introducing support for the 3D, immersive, surround experience on iOS, as the latest HomePods beta also includes support.

Founded by ex-Apple designer, the Syng Cell Alpha is the world’s first Triphonic speaker

The audio startup founded by former Apple designer Christopher Stringer has unveiled their first product, the Cell Alpha home speaker.

You can now set Deezer as Siri’s default streaming service on Apple’s HomePod

The latest update to the music streaming service allows you to play Deezer hands free on HomePod and HomePod mini.

The best home smart speakers at every price point in 2021 – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri-enabled

Here are all of the Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant/Apple Siri-enabled smart speakers from $50 to $300 that deserve your attention.

Ex-Apple employees work on a HomePod competitor

Startup Syng, lead by former Apple designer Christopher Stringer and engineer Afrooz Family are developing Cell speakers. The speaker system is said to be a truly revolutionary home audio solution, to tackle both HomePod and…

Apple to release HomePod 2 later this year

The update due later this year will reportedly fix the two major flaws with the original HomePod, adding third-party streaming support and dropping the price. Apple are said to be ready to release their first…

Apple TV gets Spotify, and Spotify gets Siri

Apple and Spotify put their rivalry aside once more as their relationship strengthens even deeper with music streaming support. Following Apple’s iOS 13 launch last month, Spotify have updated their app to accompany the new…