Use this new royalties calculator to work out how much your music streams are worth

Image Credit: BMAT Music Innovators

A royalty calculator, supported by BMAT Music Innovators, gives artists an estimate of their earnings from music streaming – and also features a very addictive interactive game.

A song royalties calculator based on Spotify streams shines a light on how much artists earn from streams of their tracks.

The project, created by Gabi Ferraté and launched with the help of BMAT Music Innovators, wants to give artists and labels a more transparent look at how much they should be earning from streaming services. Fans can also see an estimate of the amount their favourite artists might make from their plays.

The important word here is “estimate” – it’s nearly impossible to know exactly how much a stream is worth, with a variety of factors affecting the outcome such as a listener’s location, what platform they use and their subscription tier. Record label cuts and distributor fees for artists also affect the amount.

This particular project is based on the stream rates from this article and on their current number of Spotify listeners.

Who has more monthly listeners – Tones and I or Rosalía? Tame Impala or P!nk? The royalty calculator project also features an interactive game where you pick which is the higher or lower of two artists by listeners. My winning streak was 13, which I was unreasonably pleased about.

Have a play with the royalties calculator here.

Streaming royalties are a hotly debated topic, especially since stay-at-home orders during the pandemic boosted the use of streaming services but cancelled gigs and tours and the revenue that comes with them.

At RouteNote we’re serious about making sure independent artists and labels earn every cent they’re entitled to from streams of their music. That’s why our distribution is free, and always will be.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to give your music the biggest reach possible. As well as putting your music onto all the major streaming platforms around the world, we make sure your royalties are collected from YouTube streams, and get your songs onto Instagram and TikTok so your music can be heard across the web.

Get your music online for free with RouteNote today.

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    seems wildly inaccurate, put in a few of our artists and it was underestimating by over half of what they get every month according to our Routenote stats..
    Wouldnt bother wasting your time..

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