Image Credit: BMAT

Fancy studying to become an expert in the music business world? €90,000 worth of scholarships for IMB International Music Business School are up for grabs for young aspiring music business leaders.

Music technology company BMAT Music Innovators are offering a unique chance for students and professionals to access scholarships to Barcelona-based IMB International Music Business School.

IMB is the first school to specialise in music business training. They’re looking to attract talented candidates keen to change the music industry for the better – specifically: “Music nerds and tech fanatics with curious and creative minds.”

Dubbed the “BMAT Challenge,” the scholarships are worth €3000 each, for students and professionals on IMB School’s Challenges Module for the academic year 2021-22. The students will be given the opportunity to work on solutions for global companies including Sony Music and YouTube Music.

The course is an intense training experience in music tech innovation, and global business problem solving. Students must solve seven real challenges from the global music world, in order to gain a deeper understanding of how business models in the music ecosystem interconnect and how they link with other industries beyond the music sector.

IMB International Music Business School said: “Our goal is to empower a fresh new generation of innovative leaders for the blossoming music sector. The resolution of strategic challenges is usually postponed in major companies’ agendas.

“The fact that for the first time this process could be outsourced to highly motivated students or professionals, with a solid understanding of the music business, means the music sector is open to innovative solutions from fresh minds and committed to talent development.”

Candidates don’t have to have experience in the music sector, but they should have experience in related areas. This could include: Marketing, data analytics, legal affairs, business management, project and product management, people management, communications, or content creation and distribution. They need to have applied to the Challenges module, IMB School’s Masters or Advanced Masters in Music Business Innovation, or the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Business Innovation

BMAT Music Innovators recently helped to launch the first international chart system of streaming data in India, the IMI International Top 20 Singles Chart.

The talent scholarships have two application deadlines – the first is August 22 for Master’s students and the second round closes on October 10 2021 for Postgraduate students. Thirty scholarships will be available for the first round, and any remaining scholarships will be carried over to the second.

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