Discover the best new music on RouteNote’s playlists this week. Here are 9 of the freshest adds to our 3 playlists, curated by RouteNote.

We’re kicking off July with another batch of brand new tracks heading onto the RouteNote-curated playlists, showing off the best new releases from RouteNote artists.

Our three playlists, updated weekly, offer something for everyone. Hooked gives you high tempo party tracks, Catalyst offers the freshest selection of house, chilled house and dance music, whilst Lo-Fi is perfect for just chilling out.

Check out these nine tracks new on the RouteNote playlists this week.

Midi Culture, JOEY DJIA – We Got Something

The first new release going straight onto our Hooked playlist is “We Got Something.” It’s the sort of track that’s perfect for driving along, windows down, on a hot summer night as the sun fades.

Light Below & Tim Aroa – Find Yourself

Next on Hooked check out “Find Yourself.” The track combines an energising beat with coolly looping instrumentals to get you pumped for the week.

Roamy – Survivor

Take it up a notch now with this final highlight from our Hooked playlist. “Survivor” comes straight in with rousing piano chords, and keeps up the determined pace throughout.

STAR SEED – U & I (feat. Meggie York)

Meanwhile over on our Catalyst playlist, new addition “U & I” by STAR SEED takes us on a time warp, combining glitchy samples with a catchy vocal from Meggie York.  

Over Jack, Rachel Leycroft and Jayce Cantor – Can’t Stop

Our next highlight from Catalyst for the first week of July is “Can’t Stop,” with lazy, chilled EDM vibes. Rachel Leycroft and Jayce Cantor’s vocals weave over and under each other, each telling their own story.

OVERDSE, Kenaj, Ryan Bauer – She Looks So Perfect

There’s a feel of pop punk-meets-dance to our final highlight from this week’s Catalyst playlist. The emo vibes of the vocal and the thrumming guitar in“She Looks So Perfect” are given a boost by the electrifying beat.

beyu. – what a weird time

Take some time to chill out with a highlight from RouteNote’s Lo-Fi playlist. beyu.’s “what a weird time” brings pretty, calming strings and relaxing sounds that ebb and flow.   

Sizzle Bird – Beautiful Planets

After study accompaniment, or just spending an evening lazing about in your bedroom? Check out the beautiful melodies of “Beautiful Planets,” a standout addition to Lo-Fi.

Lofi Radiance, kirito, Lofi Sleep – i love u lofi

Finally lay back and listen to “i love u lofi.” It’s in the name – the perfect laid-back entry to the RouteNote Lo-Fi playlist.

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