This week we have 9 stellar new tracks for you to put on the speakers and add to your libraries. Discover the latest fire heating up our 3 RouteNote curated playlists, full of the hottest artists coming through RouteNote.

It’s New Music Friday again and that means hundreds of amazing new songs will be going live today just in time for the weekend and our hungry, hungry ears to devour. Many songs have come through RouteNote to release this week and picking from all of the greatness is never easy. So here we have 9 highlights that stood out and are going into our playlists today.

For those of you who missed the memo, RouteNote now have our very own curated Spotify playlists updated every week. There’s Hooked for the up-tempo party soundtracks; Catalyst for the best in Dance, House, and Chill House; and Lo-Fi offering the very best in chilled beats.

Without further adieu, here are just 9 of the brand new releases coming out today that are going straight into our playlists for spinning around the world.

REZarin, Cuish, Sam Welch – Torn (RAZZ Remix)

This huge remix is heading into our Hooked playlist as the perfect soundtrack for drinks by the pool, sunning at the beach, or simply dancing around the living room. Razz breathes new life into this massive tune to give you a fresh taste of the summer.

Alande – Reason

The second track going into Hooked is this massive house hit. With the thumping rhythm of the very best in 90s dance this mix will send you shooting back into the sunny days of old when the weekend was made for coming together and getting down, nothing else.

Alex Bimson, Miranda Myles – Angel Like You

Our final track loading up our Hooked playlist this week is this fantastic record featuring the catchy vocals of Miranda Myles. Put your shades on, put this track on, and find bring the party (even if COVID means the party is in your garden with your cat!)

NALYRO, Future Friends – Keep Me High

NALRYO is entering our Catalyst mix this week with this unbeatable beat with Future Friends. The sound of dance music’s future is here and we love it.

ZANAVIA, ALYE – Free Falling

On a chilled note, this lush piece is joining Keep Me High on our Catalyst playlist bringing some raw emotion with a powerful electronic composition backing it up.

Nexeri, Tara Louise – Riptide

Last but certainly not least for Catalyst is this gorgeous new hit from Nexeri and Tara Louise on one of our favourite tune-purveyors: Soave. Big vibes for a big playlist of good music this week.

Noel Lawrence – Call Me Yours

On a much more mellow note, Noel Lawrence brings us this beautiful piece as the perfect addition to our Lo-Fi playlist. Chilling in the sun or lounging on the sofa has never sounded so good.

Flex – GANG GANG (lofi mix)

Never judge books by covers. GANG GANG from Flex actually offers some of the smoothest vibes we’ve heard this year in this incredible new lofi mix, making it perfect for our Lo-Fi playlist!

untrusted, pretence – eyes blue or brown, can’t remember

Finally slip away into good, calm feelings with the latest from untrusted. This stripped back piece is everything we needed to chill out after a busy week and we hope that with a spot in our Lo-Fi playlist it helps bring you some much-needed peace as well.

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