Creators can now create radio DJ shows for Spotify via Anchor

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Spotify has expanded its tools for creators by adding a ‘Music’ feature to Anchor, allowing them to create radio DJ formatted shows.

As Spotify she into the podcast market it not only added exclusives such as Joe Rogan but also acquired the podcast software Anchor. Anchor is a fantastic tool that allows creators to edit and upload podcasts to Spotify directly. Since they purchased it Spotify has been adding new features that make it easier for creators to upload unique and interesting content. One said feature is the recent “Music + Talk” button that allows users to create a radio DJ-style show. 

This allows music journalists, blogs, or tastemakers to create new content where they can comment on new or old releases, as long as it’s available on Spotify. However, due to licensing rights, they are only able to feature 30 seconds of the selected track. Listeners will be able to interact with the musical content by liking the song, viewing more information, and saving the song. In addition to this every time the podcast/show is played with the featured track, the artist will also be paid. 

Shows recorded via Anchor using this new feature are available to Spotify free users as well as Spotify Premium subscribers. 

It’s likely this form of content will become extremely popular and is showing signs of massive growth as Spotify claims that there have already been “tens of thousands” of shows recorded in this format. However, exact numbers are yet to be released. 

The feature was originally available in the U.S, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Although the feature has been widely rolled out to most countries now and is likely to continue to be implemented globally. 

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