Image Credit: Spotify for Artists

The Best Advice video series, in which artists pass on the best piece of advice they’ve ever received, has been relaunched by Spotify in a longer podcast form.

Spotify recently revamped their Best Advice videos as a new podcast series. The original video series began in 2018 and featured clips of artists including Phoebe Bridgers and The Killers passing on the best pieces of career advice and life guidance they’d ever received.

After deciding that the short videos didn’t leave enough room for deeper insight from the full interviews, the more intimate format of podcasts was chosen by Spotify instead, allowing for franker in-depth discussions.

Best Advice: The Podcast is the result. The series launched on 6 May with a double drop – one episode featuring Jeezy and another with Charli XCX offering artist advice.

In his episode, Atlanta rapper Jeezy talked candidly about learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in rooms with complicated business decisions being made over your head. He also urged that sticking to your principles is vitally important:

“No matter where you get to, no matter how it goes, no matter how it comes at you – the money, fame, temptations – just don’t lose your values, your morals, and your integrity because when it’s all said and done, you could have a billion dollars, 10 billion, if you don’t have those three things, you have nothing.”

Pop singer and songwriter Charli XCX meanwhile drilled home the importance of understanding all your contracts before you sign anything, and also highlighted the value of being openminded about collaboration:

“It’s important when you’re young and starting off to explore different types of people. Even I have to tell myself that now, because I can definitely be a bit of a snob when it comes to who I’m going to work with for my own work… I am very quick to judge and I’m very quick to be like, no that person isn’t right for me, without even having given them a chance or met them. There’s been so many situations like that where I’ve almost decided to pull the session, but then I’ve gone and that person has become one of my most long term collaborators.”

Episodes of Best Advice will be released on Spotify on Thursdays at 10am EST. Artists in the series line-up include Ashnikko, Conor Oberst, Hayley Kiyoko, Joey Bada$$, Princess Nokia, Russ, and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.