Creators can now create radio DJ shows for Spotify via Anchor

Spotify has expanded its tools for creators by adding a ‘Music’ feature to Anchor, allowing them to create radio DJ formatted shows.

Spotify open Podcast Subscriptions to all U.S. creators

Spotify Podcast Subscriptions offer fans a way to support their favourite podcasters in exchange for exclusive content.

Spotify announce Paid Subscriptions for podcasts – allowing creators to monetize shows and keep 100% of the revenue

Just a week after Apple announced Apple Podcast Subscriptions, Spotify announce Paid Subscriptions, their answer to monetizing podcasts.

Spotify Wrapped for Podcasters reveals over 1 million shows were launched in 2020

We were under no illusion that Spotify’s Podcast platform has seen huge success in the last few years, but Wrapped for Podcasters put these expectations into numbers. Lockdown has been great for both sides of…

Host your own radio-like shows on Spotify

Spotify are testing the true radio experience with talk clips between mixes of music and you can get involved to host your very own show. This week Spotify introduced it’s first round of a new…

How much does it cost to start a podcast on Spotify?

Anchor provide the complete package to record, edit, publish, monetize and track your podcasts on Spotify and all other major platforms, free of charge. Preferably Spotify will reach out to you with $100m to sign…

Here’s what Spotify are doing to help musicians during COVID-19 and how you can get involved

Spotify have revealed how they’re helping musicians during the Coronavirus pandemic and are launching new features for artists. Spotify have announced the launch of ‘Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project’ to help the music community in…

Anchor’s new feature makes podcasting even easier in self-isolation

There are sure to be a lot of podcasts coming in the next few months with more time at home and a LOT to say. One of the world’s favourite podcast-making apps, Anchor, have launched…

Introducing Spotify’s new Create Podcasts feature

Spotify’s serious about podcasts as they begin testing of a new feature that lets users start creating their own podcasts with one click. Spotify wanted to make 2019 a year of podcasts for their service….

The social network of radio, Anchor FM just raised $2.8 million

Making your own interactive radio station is easy thanks to startup Anchor FM, and with massive new funding it’s about to get even better with new futures. Anchor FM launched in 2015 from “a tiny…