This grid-based multi-effects/sound/filter/things pedal can do anything

Create new instruments, sounds, effects, and so much more with Zoia, this fascinating stompbox with a compact grid pad.

Zoia is an incredibly versatile and powerful pedal-board from Empress that changes the definition of what’s capable with just a stompbox. It’s creators describe it as a “compact grid of musical anything” that is capable of using and creating instruments, effects, and utilities with nearly limitless possibilities.

Using it’s unique (for a pedal anyway) grid-based pad system and a scroll wheel you can navigate it’s library of functions, sound-makers, filters, effects, and more. Connect the sound modules up in any way you like to create distinctive and varied sounds. Zoia was revealed at NAMM so details are limited at the moment but here’s everything we know about this intriguing pedal-board currently.

  • Stereo operation (including Empress effect algorithms)
  • MIDI i/o – CV & clock in
  • Save patches as supermodules to speed up creation
  • Ongoing updates (new modules!)
  • Random create function to jumpstart or invigorate your process
  • Blocks can all be linked freely to multiple sources & destinations
  • Extensive favourites system: even moments can be favourited, to quickly return to a safe place if your patch goes awry

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