OSC Audio has just released an update for its stellar metering plugin, BFM.

The BFM (big f*ing meters) metering plugin is “designed exactly how the name sounds… really f*ing big”. OSC Audio state the main objective of the plugin is the ease of readability so that users can “can see from across the studio and keep your records clip-free”.

Rekkerd reports that BFM offers 5 modes of metering. These include RMS, LUFs, Peak, and Peak Hold value, and these different modes offer different readings and perceptions of your audio levels. Consequently, the BFM plugin gives you a number of views so that you can keep your audio signals under control without any unnecessary stress. All the levels you need in a single plugin!

Here’s a breakdown of the features as stated by OSC Audio:

  • Text view gives you a quick look at just the values easy to see from across the room. This view offers the most values with RMS, Peak, Peak Hold, and LUFs values available. To reset Peak Hold click the value.
  • Bar view offers a more traditional meter better for seeing the range of values showing RMS, Peak, and Peak Hold. To reset Peak Hold click the value in the text or on the bar.
  • Wave view gives you a look at your waveform after your channel effects with the ability to quickly mark where you want to see your signals peak. To reset Peak Hold click the value.
  • The VU Meter is designed less for precision readings of your RMS, and more for a quick look to make sure your incoming levels are what you expect. 
  • Spectrum is a simplified frequency spectrum view. Great for getting a quick look at where your frequencies are when mixing or editing. There is also the PEAK value displayed on this page. To reset Peak Hold click the value.
  • Time is designed for viewing all time-related information in your project quickly. You can see information on SMPTE, BPM, Time Signature, current Bar/Beat, and sample rate in real time. OSC notes that you can click to freeze the information and remember where you were too.


New users can BFM is available with a 75% discount for a limited time in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for both Windows and Mac devices. If you’re an existing BFM user then you can upgrade your software for free.

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